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Bailsman offers a rental security deposit guarantee
at no cost to the landlord.

No fee, 100% guarantee backed by licensed financial institutions. The landlord can choose the guarantee amount and realize guarantee with one click

How does it work?

  1. Register at Bailsman as a landlord.

  2. Add your rental space.

  3. Send out a guarantee invitation to your tenant. If the guarantee is available for him, he will sign the contract and the guarantee becomes active.

  4. The tenant will pay a monthly fee to Bailsman for the guarantee, there are no fees for the landlord.

    In case of the damage, a claim can be filed with the press of a button. No proof or explanation is asked from the landlord. The tenant will be notified and requested to pay the amount. Bailsman will pay the requested amount to the landlord's bank account in 14 days.

    Want to know more? Read our FAQ

Keep track of all contracts

With Bailsman, it is easy to manage all your contracts on any device, at any given time.

Why use Bailsman?

The tenant does not have to pay the full security deposit together with the first month's rent, allowing landlords to ask for a larger guarantee amount.

The guarantee is backed by licensed financial institutions.

Claim can be filed at any time with the press of a button and will be paid out, despite the opinion or financial situation of the tenant.

There is no cost for the landlord.

Our partners

Bailsman guarantee is provided by registered financial institutions, letting you sleep without a worry.