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About us

Bailsman offers quick and easy cloud-based property rental security deposit solutions for tenants who don't have the required sum or simply prefer to spend it on something else.

For the tenant, it means there is no need to pay a security deposit to the landlord and tie up their money. Instead, Bailsman provides 3rd party guarantees to landlords for a small monthly fee paid by tenant.

At the same, Bailsman provides landlords, free of charge, the option of claiming security deposits. There is no need to worry that the requested amount will frighten potential tenants away. Bailsman's aim is not to compete with the classical security deposit model, but offer a guarantee on a "no questions asked" basis. It is only one click away.

To provide landlords peace of mind that there is no risk of not receiving the requested claim amount, Bailsman provides only guarantees that are 100% backed by licensed financial institutions, which are also made known to landlords.