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Bailsman - the perfect tool for a real estate broker!

Bailsman offers a security deposit guarantee to the landlord for a small monthly fee for the tenant. It allows landlords to ask for higher security deposits, while decreasing the tenants' initial payment.

This means more transactions and more commission.

How does it work?

  1. Invite the landlord to use Bailsman guarantee.

  2. Landlord adds his rental space to Bailsman platform and sends out an invitation to his tenant.

  3. Tenant checks if the guarantee is available for him and if so, signs the contract.

  4. Tenant pays a small fee for the guarantee period in monthly payments or in one total payment. There is no fee for the landlord or the broker.

    In case of any damage, the landlord can file a claim at the press of a button. No need for the broker to be included in this process.

    Want to know more? Read our FAQ

Clear overview of
your contracts

Stay up-to-date with clients and
push the security deposit process through the Bailsman portal. Manage the qualification process from start to finish by monitoring application status and selecting properties to view.

Why use Bailsman?

No cost for the brokers

The tenant does not have to pay the full security deposit together with the first month's rent, allowing landlords to ask for a larger guarantee amount.

The guarantee is backed bylicenced financial institutions

Claim can be presented at any time with thepress of a buttonand will be paid out despite the opinion or financial situation of the tenant

No costfor the landlord.

Your cash is not tied up with large security deposits, which are very rarely used.

Statistically, there are less unlawful claims by landlords if your cash is not directly held by them.

Our application response times are less than minutes.

Our fee is lower than most credit institutions would ask for a loan of the same amount.