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Exchange your security
deposit for a Bailsman

No need to tie up your money in a security deposit. Bailsman provides a guarantee for you instead.


Bailsman offers quick and easy guarantee for clients who don't have the required sum or simply prefer to spend it on something else.

Bailsman provides a third party guarantee to the merchant instead of the client making the security deposit payment and tying up his cash. A small fee is paid by the client. Merchants can rest assured that there are no risks of not receiving the requested claim amount, as Bailsman provides only guarantees that are 100% backed by the licensed financial institutions.

What are the benefits?

The guarantee is backed by licensed financial institutions.

Our application response times are less than minutes

Only clients pay a small fee, lower than most credit institutions would ask for a loan of the same amount

How it Works

Providing the guarantee

  1. One or more applicants

    Client's application

    Client and co-applicants are identified. Only a personal ID number is needed to request a guarantee.

  2. Bailsman system check

    Application is forwarded through API's to financial institutions. Approved/denied applications are sent back to Bailsman in less than a minute.

    30 sec
    Approved / denied
  3. Merchant gets approval

    Bailsman sends the response from financial institution to a Merchant.

30 sec
Approved / denied

Financial institutions

Local financial institutions analyze applicants and provide their approval/denial.


Are you interested in partnerships or need more information about our services?

We would be glad to answer your inquiries.
Please contact us on the contacts here.

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